Tuesday, 12 July 2011

La Ventana Salvaje

"La Ventana Salvaje" ("The Wild Window" in English) is a personal project of wild photography.

Since I bought the Tamron AF 70-300mm F/4-5.6 Di LD Macro 1:2 lens I decided open a blog where I upload my best pictures of wild animals. They usually are pictures taken in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) or near. Until now you only can view Spanish animals there, but maybe in the future I'll travel outside and I can upload pictures of animals from everywhere.

It's a very interesting project. I didn't know the enormous biodiversity of my near environment until I started to take photo of animals! Insects, birds, big mammalians... all this animals so close to me and I didn't know anything about their existence. For example: the next pictures are not good pictures, but you can view species that I'd never imagined view in this area (the usually life in Alcalá de Henares occurs in the urban zone, roe deers and big snakes in a city like Alcalá de Henares???).

The project has a strict code of conduct. Some of the most important points are the next:
  • Only wild animals will be photographed. Here "wild" means "animals who live in freedom, without the direct control of a human owner"
  • Only natural behaviour of wild animals will be photographed. I'll never alter the normal behaviour of an animal for obtain better photos.
  • Only living animals will be photographed. I don't want show death in this project.
  • Only pictures with a "normal appearance" will be showed. I'm not looking for an "artistic/unreal appearance" in this kind of pictures. 

As you could read in "Contact & Links", this project is one of my Spanish blogs. These blogs have a system based in Google for be auto-translated to many languages. I hope It works fine, but auto-translation is a very bad translation even if it works. You can try these direct links (translation to English): by Google and by Yahoo.

My other Spanish blog cited in "Contact & Links" is "Astaroth's World". It's a personal blog where I write about all my hobbies. Photography is my principal hobby right now, so it has a special place in that blog. Some of the post in Astaroth's Photography Blog were originally written in Spanish for the photographic section of Astaroth's World. You can visit the section "photography" in Astaroth's World directly clicking here, forcing Google auto-translate or forcing Yahoo auto-translate.

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