Saturday, 16 July 2011

Kratos' Travels

Today I've noticed about the price of a background for photography. I've listened that you can spend 250€ in a big background (a printing of 3m²) , that you'll only use a pair of times (you can't take all your photos with the same background :p). Photography is a very very expensive hobby.

A very ratty way for have a background (for toys) is use your computer screen. You only have to show a beautiful landscape, put the toy in front of it, and shoot.

Here I show some funny attempts of it, that I've taken right now, with my little friend Kratos (from "God of War" videogames).

The most difficult is control the lights. Today I've been watching videos about the usage of the light in photography... maybe I must watch more videos :p.

P.D.: Flashes are also not cheap :(...

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