Sunday, 10 July 2011


Until now I've been uploading images that I really like it at my Thumblr "Visions from Nowhere". I would like write today about some of my favourite photographers.

Some of my favourites photographers are not famous people. I've never studied photography and I don't know the work of those great photographers that everybody must know. I've spent a lot of time watching photos in Internet, and this post is a selection of my favourite artists :)!

First Stage

Before I bought my reflex camera I admired photographers like Simon Marsden and Jean Jacques André. I love the dark style of the first one and the imagination of the second.

Photography by Simon Marsden

Simon Marsden has a large collection of images of castles, landscapes, gargoyles, cemeteries, etc. The most of her photos are in extreme black and white and have a Romantic - Gothic aesthetic that I personally love.

Photography by Jean Jacques André

The Jean Jacques André's photography is focused in the woman body. He edits images to create imaginative scenes in a softer black and white where women transmit different feelings.

Modern Stage

After I bought my reflex camera, my interest by photography be increased. I started to know services like Flickr, Deviant Art, 500px, etc. and I started to watch more portfolios. These are some of photographers I like.

Photography by Danielle Tunstall

Danielle Tunstall is a great artist. She likes the zombie-postapocalyptic subject. She edits portraits in a dark way. The result is always awesome!

Photography by Luis Beltrán

Luis Beltrán is a dreams photographer. He, like Jean Jacques Andé, takes pictures about fantasy scenes that you typically only find it in dreams.

Photography by Wolf Ademeit

Wolf Ademeit is famous by her animal's portraits. He takes very dramatic pictures of animals in black and white in zoos.

Photography by Igor Siwanowicz

And finally, Igor Siwanowicz, a great macro-photographer. He takes pictures of small animals with a lot of detail and in a very artistic way.

There are a lot of photographers I would like include in this selection, but the space and my time is limited :)! In the section "Contact & Links" of this website you can find links to websites of this and other photographers I like.

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