Thursday, 28 July 2011

Beach time strikes again!

I always work in three phases when I come back with a lot of photos. The first one is when I upload to Internet the pictures with a very basic edition (or without it). The second one is when I review my photos and edit it more aggressively / carefully (HDRs, panoramic, etc.). The third one is when I choose my best photo of the series and I publish it in Flickr.

Right, it's the second phase. I are going to show you some re-edited photos of my latest series: Beach Time!

I've made some experimental HDRs. I'm not sure these pictures are better than the normal versions, but I want show a different point of view of the same scenes. I've used Qtpfsgui / Luminance HDR.

I've also made some panoramic versions. I've pasted the different pictures and I've tried delete the joins with Gimp. Click it for enlarge.

Finally, the third phase: the best photo of the series. I've chosen this version of the anchor's picture.


I'll comment this picture carefully in my next post.

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