Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Beach Time :D!

This weekend I've been in the beach (as I announced in "Planning"). I went to Gandía (Spain) and I carried my camera for first time. I don't like carry electronic stuff to Gandía because I'd have bad experiences. Maybe because of the change of atmosphere (Madrid, with dry weather - Gandía, with very wet weather), maybe because of Murphy's law, but a lot of my electronic things have arrived to the end of their lives there, in Gandía.

Finally, my camera has survived and I've taken some beautiful pictures. The worst moment was when I tried  take photos of the waves. The sea ambience made the lens was wet :s. But It still works.

Principally, we had two sessions: "Gandía Afternoon" and "The Dénia's Castle".

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We went with our cameras to Gandía's port and the lighthouse's zone.

ISO 100 - F/14 - 1/60s - 52mm

ISO 100 - F/16 - 1/60s - 18mm

ISO 100 - F/16 - 1/80s - 55mm

ISO 100 - F/16 - 1/400s - 32mm

ISO 100 - F/20 - 5s - 55mm

At night, we try to make some long exposure shots. We played with the silk effect in water and the lights. These are some examples.

ISO 100 - F/20 - 13s - 18mm

ISO 100 - F/22 - 13s - 28mm

ISO 100 - F/8 - 30s - 18mm


The Dénia's castle is the ruin of old fortification in Dénia (Alicante - Spain). You can visit the building and the medieval walls. You also can view Dénia from above. Here some of my photos:

ISO 100 - F/20 - 1/60s - 26mm

ISO 100 - F/18 - 1/40s - 18mm

ISO 100 - F/16 - 1/40s - 18mm

ISO 100 - F/16 - 1/20s - 55mm

ISO 100 - F/16 - 1/3s - 55mm
ISO 100 - F/22 - 25s - 18mm

ISO 100 - F/18 - 151s - 55mm

 You can view all my photos of this summer in the beach in this slideshow in Picasa.

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