Thursday, 28 July 2011


Welcome to the second episode of "The Photo Review". Today I'm going to analyse my picture called "Anchored".

"Anchored" by Astaroth (O.R.G.)


In this picture we can view an anchor used as monument in a port. In second plane we can view the sea and in background, an industrial zone and the city of Gandía.


These image was taken in Gandía's port (Spain). It's a very tourist area in the east cost of Spain. The water in this photo comes from Mediterranean sea.


This photo is included in the series "Beach Time!". I went last weekend to the beach for summer holidays. I'm from the centre of Spain, and there isn't beach near here. It was the first time I carried my reflex camera to the beach, and I enjoyed taking pictures of this series.


This photo is a night picture. I used a tripod and I shot with long exposure (30 seconds). I also used a remote trigger for reduce vibrations. The long exposure and the waves of the sea create the "silk effect" in water.

It's a landscape, so I wanted large depth of field and wide angle of view. I used a 18mm lens (Nikon Nikkor 18-55mm F/3.5-5.6G AF-S DX VR) at F/8. I should use the hyperfocal distance, but my lens is not graduated and It's difficult.

The ISO was 100. I don't like change it if it's not necessary.

I've mixed the original picture with some HDRs layers in Gimp. The HDRs were created with Qtpfsgui / Luminance HDR. I've also rotated a little the image.


In the editing process I've worked with different versions. The original image, with a little edition (white balance, etc.), was this:

Original version

I mixed it with two HDR versions, based in Mantiuk and Fattal algorithms.

HDR (Mantiuk algorithm)

HDR (Fattal algorithm)

I also tried other angles:

Other view (white balance edited)

The original image (as the camera showed it) had a very high colour temp, as you can see below.

Other view (camera's white balance)

Those colours are awesome, but they aren't too much realistic, so I decided down the colour temp for the final version.


I don't like use too much HDR processing. The HDR images are awesome, but the software makes all the work.

Some details are a little blurred and the lights in background are too much brillant. Maybe the composition could also be better.


You can buy a print of this image in deviantART (full resolution and without watermark). You also can buy there other products with this image (greeting cards, mouse pads, postcards, puzzles, etc.).

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