Saturday, 18 June 2011

To the moon... and beyond!


I don't take pictures to the moon since some time ago. The moon, the big satellite that It's watching us each night. It's a magical light that illuminate us.

Today, 15th June, we have a bloody moon: a total lunar eclipse visible from Europe, Africa and Asia (as I published in Planning). Today the moon seems be red instead white.

Parameters: f=300mm, f/5.6, 1s, ISO 200 @ 23:06h

Parameters: f=300mm, f/16, 1/4s, ISO 100 @ 23:30h

In Spain, the perfect theoretical hour to view this phenomena was 22:13h. The sunset was at 21:45, and the sky was clear... but the moon came late (I couldn't view it until 23:00h.).

(Click in the image for view large)

Some time ago I took some pictures of the moon and I thought I couldn't do it better with my gear, but I wanted repeat the experiment for compare results with the pictures that I'll take when I have my new lens (probably, in next august). I also wanted see that red moon :)!

Now, I shoot with a 300mm TAMRON lens. I like this lens. It's not too much expensive and I've took good pictures with it. In the near future I hope have an Opteka 500mm (with a 2x teleconverter which will give me a focal of 1000mm). I want compare the quality of this pictures with both lenses.

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