Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Javier Vallhonrat's Lecture

Yesterday I went to my first "master class" of photography. This year,  PhotoEspaña, a very important photography festival in Spain, has organized classes with great masters of photography.

The ticket

The yesterday's master was Javier Vallhonrat, a great photographer with a lot of works in artistic and fashion fields.

The class was for free in the old Hospital "Santa María la Rica", in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid - Spain), the city where I live, so I went.

You can read above "Old Hospital Santa María la Rica, 14th century"

I didn't know what I'd gone to find there. I wanted learn about photographic tricks for become in a great photography master :p, but in that class we only listen about the professional trajectory of Vallhonrat.

The works of Vallhonrat are interesting. He seems be very concerned about "the message". He uses photography as a expression way, and the message seems be more important that the picture.

He didn't speak about fashion photography, only about his artistic works. In 1999 he started to use nature concepts: he made mock-ups of natural landscapes with little houses and he took pictures of this scenes after. In his project "ETH" (2000) he took pictures of Swiss bridges (real bridges and mock-ups of bridges). In 2001, with "Acaso", he took pictures of nature with human elements. Now, he is working in a project about nature landscapes in extreme climatic conditions.

Javier Vallhonrat before the lecture starts

The sense of his works is a discussion between "the real" and "things that they seem be real", "the human order" and "the natural chaos", "the photographic process" and how it change the reality.

My general opinion about the lecture:

I would like a more technical and less artistic lecture. I would like learn tips about photography instead only review the works of others.

By other hand, I think "the message" is important, but it is not more important than the image. I think your photography must be "beautyfull" ("beautifull" is a very subjective word) and express a message. Everything  in this world have a subjective sense for all us, but if you want make photography (or other art) I think you mustn't forget the aesthetic. In this lecture it seemed like "the aesthetic" was killed by "the message".

More Information:

As you can view in the section "Planning", there are lectures planned for today Thursday, Friday and Saturday. In the same place at the same time.

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