Sunday, 5 April 2015

TFCD with Stefanía Andrade

Spring, a great light, good weather... It's time for photography!! This weekend I've had a TFCD session with the beautiful and charming model Stefanía Andrade.

It took place in "El Capricho", in Madrid, an historical park with green gardens, small artificial lakes and some pictorial buildings. A very appropriate place for photography sessions.

Technically, I've used a very luminous 85mm lens (F/1.4). It makes very interesting blurred backgrounds, but It also creates strong difficulties about to put our subject in focus. The manual focus mode and the hypersensibility of the focus point could to cause non desired blurred pictures.

We tried to exploit the last lights of the day ("the golden hour"). In those moments the light is very soft, and the contrast between lights and shadows produces an interesting combination of gold and blue tones.

A very nice session thanks to the great work of Stefanía, who has made possible the pictures in this post.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Long Live to the Castillian Kings!

Hello again, my estimated audience. Sorry for my lack of activity in this blog in the last months.

I was in Burgos yesterday. Burgos is a very important Spanish city, with a very cool cathedral (with the rests of "El Cid"), the Museum of the Human Evolution (with the first rests of humans in Europe, found in Atapuerca), "Las Huelgas" monastery (with tombs of Castilian kings), etc..

I took some pictures with my fisheye that I would like to share now with you.

You can view all the pictures clicking here.

I hope you enjoy :)!

Friday, 8 August 2014

Be water, my friend

Hi to everybody and I'm sorry for my recently lack of photographic activity. Due to the high temperatures, I've preferred don't to go to take pictures outdoor lately. Please, remember that I also publish pictures in my other blogs, as "La Ventana Salvaje".

Some weeks ago I was taking some pictures about water drops in my own home. It was an old idea, I've done it before. This time, I used my macro-photography equipment. Then I thought they weren't good enough, but I've gave them a second opportunity and I want to show them to all you.

The main difficulty was the focus. With the macro-lenses, and with lack of light, it was very difficult to focus right.

I hope you like them.
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