Tuesday, 19 May 2015

A dark look to Loeches

Loeches is a little town of Madrid (Spain). This weekend I took a walk to there and I visited its monuments. However, I have a strong trend to notice the darkest side of the things.

Those are the darkest pictures of that route (mainly in the nearby locality of Torres de la Alameda).

With a heavy HDR treatment these pictures were taken in the route from Alcalá de Henares (the city where I live) to Loeches. In that walk I found abandoned factories, broken toys, even tombs!

Saturday, 9 May 2015

The Alternative Universe of the Pythoness Spider

One of the multiple things because macro-photography is interesting is the potential to build abstract images.

Sometimes, when we watch the things close enough, we lose the information about "the whole", and can notice the beauty of the essence.

The images above could seem crystal balls, made by a computer software, but they are very little drops of water in a small hole with a spider web near of a puddle.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

TFCD with Stefanía Andrade

Spring, a great light, good weather... It's time for photography!! This weekend I've had a TFCD session with the beautiful and charming model Stefanía Andrade.

It took place in "El Capricho", in Madrid, an historical park with green gardens, small artificial lakes and some pictorial buildings. A very appropriate place for photography sessions.

Technically, I've used a very luminous 85mm lens (F/1.4). It makes very interesting blurred backgrounds, but It also creates strong difficulties about to put our subject in focus. The manual focus mode and the hypersensibility of the focus point could to cause non desired blurred pictures.

We tried to exploit the last lights of the day ("the golden hour"). In those moments the light is very soft, and the contrast between lights and shadows produces an interesting combination of gold and blue tones.

A very nice session thanks to the great work of Stefanía, who has made possible the pictures in this post.

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